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16 May 2011 @ 07:17 pm
Mood Swings/Je m'appelle John Luther (Alice Morgan)  
Because this show is my life, now. This scene is the most amazing scene I have ever seen on television ever.
Luther, 1.02
DCI Ian Reed: You might want to answer your phone.
DCI John Luther: You get a reputation for answering your phone, and all it does is ring.

Reed: So how about we finish this chat away from the edge?
Luther: You never do this, come up to a really high place and wonder what it would be like just to fall?
Reed: Fall or jump?
Luther: Same thing.
Reed: I beg to differ, but mostly, I go home and watch America's Next Top Model.
Luther: Do you not worry if you're on the Devil's side without knowing it?
Reed: No. Let it go, John.
Luther: I already let him go. I just didn't finish the job off properly, did I?
Reed: And nobody shed a tear.
Luther: Doesn't make it right.
Reed: But it makes it a little less wrong, though. So are you going to jump?
Luther: Probably not.
Reed: Well then I'm bored of this game.

Rose: Three guesses as to why Zoe's gentleman caller is here.
Luther: He's come to confess he's a dick.
"I did this because I don't like you, Mark, and to toy with John.  Ah, it's a little like pulling legs off flies."
-Alice Morgan, Luther 1.03

"The mind is its own place and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven."
-DCI John Luther, Luther 1.05

"Do not fear the Abyss, for I am the Abyss, and you shall weep with the fervour and bliss of my love."
-The writing on the walls Luther 1.03

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